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"It's not necessarily about what career you pick. It's about how you do what you do" - Cory Doctorow
Associate Dean Message's

Warm Greetings,

We are pleased to be able to address all our valuable partners, students, and alumni through this website. This Website is designed with the purpose to facilitate not o­nly students studying in the MM Program at Prasetiya Mulya Business School but also alumni who number over 2700 and our valued partners from the various companies who have worked with us and supported us throughout the past 25 years.

We hope that through this website more companies can get to know Prasetiya Mulya Business School and the services we offer especially the Career Services that we provide through the Career Development Division. This website is open to all the above as an initial step in our effort to bridge our school with industries and business and build a conscious and caring community in the realm of Human Resources Management and Development

We sincerely encourage representatives from various companies to actively join and together with Prasetiya Mulya Business School build this community. Addressing our beloved alumni and students from the Full time and Part time MM Program, please make full use of this facility as best as possible as a means to future, prospective careers and also for effective man power placement and human capital planning.

Our deepest appreciation to all who have participated, Colleagues, Alumni and also the Prasetiya Mulya Alumni Association (IKAPRAMA), who have tirelessly sacrificed time, thoughts and energy, in the making of this Website.

Best Wishes,

Dra. Dwi M. Sosronegoro, M. Psi.